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Only a Tappe Away From Your "Cue", with Tappecue

Only a Tappe Away From Your "Cue", with Tappecue

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on January 17, 2021

Show Notes

Gina and Jacob Bourrett own Tappecue, a Missouri based company who produce the original cloud based, wifi enabled, meat thermometers. Seeing a niche for a hardware unit with a heart of software that could connect to the cloud and be on any smart device, Tappecue was launched. Their first unit is a 4 stereo port that can handle 8 probes or 4 dual probes (internal and chamber thermometers in one probe). These are wired probes. Recently launched are Tappecue’s Air Probes that are bluetooth connected to a smart device. These probes are wireless making them very versatile for applications where wires would be an issue.

Knowing that probes are not new to the market, and come as an added feature on grills and smokers, Tappecue separates itself as a stand alone thermometer which can be used on your existing setup or even on your next upgrade. Not to mention its accuracy of +-2 degrees. Tappecue is a family owned business, who manufactures the whole product in Missouri, including the circuit boards. The software is written and run in house as well. Customer service is a passion of theirs, making any problems a breeze with phone calls to them. Depending on your level of cook; competition bbq with several smokers, or a hunter waiting to cook a backstrap to perfection, Tappecue has the solution. Whether you got a milti probe or single Airprobe, you will always be one Tappe away from your cue.

Huntavore is proud to partner with Tappecue. Use the code: HUNT10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

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