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Okayest Hunter with Greg Tubbs and Eric Clark

Okayest Hunter with Greg Tubbs and Eric Clark

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on May 23, 2021

Show Notes

Greg Tubbs and Eric Clark are hosts of the Where2Hunt podcast and creators of Okayest Hunter. Okayest Hunter is an online brand that promotes celebrating every deer taken and promoting a positive message around hunting. A message I can get behind. As a self proclaimed “meat hunter” my trophy lies in the harvest, not necessarily what's on its head (not really a surprise).

Having the opportunity to talk with these guys was a real pleasure, getting to know how these two utilized their venison differently. Greg, from an early age having the chance to learn how to break down an animal and fillet the fish, was around lots of ways to prepare the game. Eric, on the early stages of getting the most out of the game. Using a processor to get him not only his steaks and roasts, but enjoys the meat candy that comes along with it. The balance of these two shows that each hunter will have their unique approach. Greg saves money and gains options, but spends time and effort. While Eric saves time and effort, gets less options, but finds it worth the extra money to have that done. Each solution has its benefits.

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