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North Dakota Season Prep

North Dakota Season Prep

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on September 04, 2019

Show Notes

In this podcast, Garrett goes over his final season checklist, including the gear he's taking out to North Dakota later this week to hunt alongside of Shane Simpson. By this point in the year, all of the bow shooting and testing is locked in - no more changes. The first trip of the year will be based solely on map scouting, and the plan will vary from there. If multiple nice deer are located from the road, the plan will be different than if glassing isn't proving to be fruitful.

The next trip following up the North Dakota hunt will be elk in Colorado. Since there's so little time to prepare between hunts, all of the prep work for that trip has been done as well, so Garrett explains how the two person strategy this year will deviate from past trips out west.

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