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North Dakota Hunt Lessons Learned

North Dakota Hunt Lessons Learned

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on September 18, 2019

Show Notes

Garrett's North Dakota hunt ended with a buck on the ground. Shane Simpson also shot a nice buck on the trip. The YouTube videos for the hunts show a lot of strategy and important details that led to the kills. That said, in this podcast, Garrett dives into a little further detail about the findings and adaptations needed to try and find deer in this new area.

The plans discussed in the previous podcast worked in some instances but not in others. Primarily, the strategy of glassing deer in fields was nearly fruitless with one small exception. After finding this out, Garrett discusses how the plans had to change. In addition, he talked about additional scouting that they did after the tags were filled and plans to scout again in the off season based on this seasons' learnings.

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