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Mobile Hunting with Jared Shaffer

Mobile Hunting with Jared Shaffer

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on April 01, 2020

Show Notes

Jared Shaffer is a successful mobile hunter from West Virginia and Media Director at Tethrd. Despite not hunting in a well known state for deer, in what can be challenging terrain, he is able to get on bucks and turkeys every year. A large part of that success has come from taking on a very mobile strategy and employing so-called Beast tactics in hill country. Unlike hills in Midwestern states, the land in West Virginia has more of a big woods feel. There isn't much agriculture, and the woods can be fairly thick.

In this podcast, Jared discusses his annual strategy and what things have played the biggest impact in his learning curve over the years. He does a complete hunt breakdown of his oldest buck ever, a 5.5 year old shot less than 100 yards from his bed. In addition, we discuss how tactics change from early season through the rut, what specifically to look for, and how to set up on the right sign.

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