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Mini B.S. Session with Dominic Scheetz

Mini B.S. Session with Dominic Scheetz

Nine Finger Chronicles  / 

Posted on April 08, 2019

Show Notes

This is the fastest BS session we have ever done. Dan talks with Dominic Scheetz of Virginia about why he decided to start hunting in his early 20's and some of the obstacles he faced along they way. They discuss the deer population in the northern part of the state where he lives and he shares the differences between the small pieces of private ground and the high pressure public land that he splits his time with.

In the last seven years he has learned how to turn failure in to success by adapting to deer movement and living the run-n-gun lifestyle. We end the podcast with the story of one of his most memorable days in the woods and the harvest of a great buck after a rattling sequence.

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