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Mid Season Update & Preparing For The Southern Rut

Mid Season Update & Preparing For The Southern Rut

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on November 30, 2018

Show Notes

Welcome to the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast and thanks for tuning in! On this episode, Parker and Michael are recapping their Alabama seasons so far, and discussing the realities of hunting on public land. The season has been very different for both Parker & Michael. They go into detail about some of the expectations they had going into the season, and how they have evolved as the season has progressed. Hunting on public land is a different ball game. Not only do you have to outsmart the deer, but you also have to outsmart other hunters. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s what makes you keep coming back for more.

As the rut gets closer, Parker and Mike talk about their preparations to make the most of this magical time of year. The morning of this recording, Parker shot a buck that was showing definite signs of a rutting whitetail. You’re not only going to get to hear the story of this buck, but also what he plans to do with that intel to help him make the most of his last remaining buck tag.

Topics Discussed:

- Public Land disappointment

- Hunting in low deer density areas

- Keeping your priorities straight during deer season

- Changing season goals

- Alabama’s strange rut

- Parker’s 2nd filled buck tag

- Mike’s tough season


- Don’t be afraid to change your game plan on public land

- Hunt for the experience that YOU want to have.

- Don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

- If you’re not seeing buck sign… MOVE!

- Don’t let deer hunting get in the way of your family.

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