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Matt Hartsky from IHuntFit

Matt Hartsky from IHuntFit

Backcountry Rookies  / 

Posted on January 08, 2019

Show Notes

Chad talks with Matt Hartsky from IHuntFit about the importance of fitness in the mountains and how IHuntFit can help a Rookie or experienced backcountry hunter get better prepared for the upcoming season, so you can tackle the western mountains and carry out that big bull elk after the kill. The two talk about Matts philosophy of limiting risk of injury and maximizing your potential while training as well as touch on the importance of stretching before and after training and even stretching on the mountain after a tough climb.

Matt covers all of the features the IHuntFit website has to offer to help people get prepared for the hunting season and he discusses the custom workout training plans he creates and how a custom plan can be better for a person than an off the shelf plan that is tailored for everyone. In the end Matt offers a great 15% discount code to listeners and invites us to take advantage of what IHuntFit has to offer. Let’s take advantage of the offer and get ourselves in mountain shape. Enjoy the show!

Discount Code: Rookies15 to save 15% site wide on

Matt Hartsky
Instagram: @IHuntFit
Facebook: IHuntFit

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