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Maps & Scouting Lead To Success with Kevin Vanderploeg

Maps & Scouting Lead To Success with Kevin Vanderploeg

Nine Finger Chronicles  / 

Posted on April 21, 2019

Show Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with Kevin Vanderploeg of Michigan about his 2018 deer hunting season. Actually, the story really starts in 2017 where was able to harvest a 156 10 point buck on public land in Ohio.

During the summer months of 2018 he identified two shooter bucks in a 10 acre woodlot that made him focus on the area a little more. Knocking on doors to gain permission he picked up an additional 30 acres. During a scouting mission before the season started he found a buck bed and some old sign that got him excited for the upcoming archery season. The scouting paid off, he was able to harvest one of the shooters early in October.

Then, later in the month and in to November he took two out of state trips to hunt public ground. Using digital maps that showed terrain feature, he was able to find some really good tree stand locations that resulted in him sealing the deal.

I love talking to guys like Kevin who put in the time to locate the best possible locations and ultimately get the job done.

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