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Managing Right of Ways with NWTF's Steve Barlow

Managing Right of Ways with NWTF's Steve Barlow

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on February 17, 2020

Show Notes

During this podcast, we sit down with Steve Barlow of NWTF and associate Travis Rogers of Corteva. These two gentlemen represent large groups actively working to increase the conservation footprint around the country, but specifically within power line and gas right of ways. These clearings transect large blocks of timber and offer great opportunities for diversity.

In the country, over 14 million acres of right of ways exist. That is a huge resource that offers an incredible amount of land to positively impact game and nongame species. Currently, large land management companies are using mechanical means to keep the right of ways cleared. However, experience tells us that woody regeneration will come back in quickly. So Steve with NWTF and partners like Corteva are demonstrating that appropriate herbicide applications to control the woody resprouts will increase biodiversity on these 14 million acres. In essence, NWTF is putting early successional plant communities back on the landscape in a big way! The group is doing big things for game populations such as wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, golden wing warblers, and cottontail rabbits.

If you are not apart of the NWTF at this time, please take time to join this group that is putting serious habitat on the landscape. Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt by becoming a member of NWTF. Enjoy.Learn.Share!

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