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Managing and Improving Quail Habitat

Managing and Improving Quail Habitat

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on January 29, 2019

Show Notes

Grab your note pad and prepare for a mind-blowing podcast! This week, we interview Kyle Hedge of MDC to discuss the most recent findings regarding ongoing quail research. Every week we discuss the importance of habitat management and disturbances across the landscape. These events can create and maintain an ideal habitat for the bobwhite quail.

Kyle and his team are looking deep into better understanding the relationship between grazing the landscape, prescribed fire, and bobwhite quail numbers. Their findings are incredible and strongly support the need for both of these natural occurrences. Cattle that are managed appropriately are helping to increase the survival, reproduction, forage, and cover for quail.

If you want to better understand how total land management works, this podcast is for you! Understanding the fine details of managing a keystone species like the bobwhite quail will make you a more successful land manager. Please share this podcast with those who need to see the proof in why disturbances are necessary across our landscape. Enjoy.Learn.Share!

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