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Locating & Hunting A Single Buck with Troy Pottenger

Locating & Hunting A Single Buck with Troy Pottenger

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on February 24, 2021

Show Notes

Today we've got a great episode lined up with Troy Pottenger. We go into a great level of detail on his process for systematically locating specific deer to go after, along with perspective on the amount of time and energy generally associated with finding even a single deer Troy would go after. We talk about when he does his boots on the ground scouting, when he sets up is trail cameras, where, and very importantly how and when he checks them to keep a low impact.

We also dive into the specifics of what makes a bulletproof setup. How, in the mountains, wind speed and thermals can override one another or combine to give general wind directions. Troy discusses how he accesses his areas, be it from ridgetop or valley access, and how he makes his final approach, and what types of natural barriers are in place to prevent deer from ever discovering his scent trail. There's a lot of good info packed into this episode, and I learned quite a bit on the finer details that I'm really interested in implementing in some of the areas I hunted last year.

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