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Lessons Learned From a Western Rookie

Lessons Learned From a Western Rookie

The Western Rookie Hunting Podcast  / 

Posted on May 03, 2022

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks about his failures, successes and lessons learned from his first few years hunting Elk and Mule deer out west.

Dan has been hunting and fishing in the midwest since he was 5 years old. He started off chasing squirrels and birds with a bb-gun and graduated to deer hunting with a 20 gauge shotgun when he was 12. Most of his life he has hunted East of the Mississippi River and it wasn’t until moving to Colorado in his late 20’s that he got to experience what western hunting was all about. Dan has 3 years of western big game hunting under his belt and shares tips, tricks and strategies that he’s picked up along the way. Between shooting 2 bull elk and a mule deer in his first 2 seasons to eating tag soup at the end of season 3 there is a lot he has learned that he shares in this episode.

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