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Kevin Vistisen of The Deer Hunter Podcast

Kevin Vistisen of The Deer Hunter Podcast

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on February 28, 2021

Show Notes

Kevin Vistisen hails from the east side of Michigan, near Detroit. Kevin is like a lot of us, He has a passion for deer hunting. He puts in long hours at work, spends time with his family, and daydreams about what is strolling past his soaking trail camera. He and crew have in addition to just loving deer hunting, have put a foot forward in creating and strengthening the hunting culture. Through his own podcast, DeerHunter Podcast, topics range from old school deer camp talk, to cutting edge tactics on getting closer to deer. Usually accompanied by the familiar sound of beer cans cracking, their mission is Entertain, Educate, and Evolve the modern day deer hunter.

Nick and Kevin take their sweet time here on this conversation, going nowhere quickly but hitting some topics that are very timely and profound. Kevin talks about his own experience with how social media can be a trap for sportsmen. What starts as an innocent “this or that” can quickly turn into a divisive pissing match. Kevin says that what our community needs is some flexibility with each other. With the rest of the world becoming more polarizing and anti-hunting groups getting more organized, we need more than ever to unified.

Moving into the venison talk, Kevin is no stranger to having his deer dropped off to a processor. Relationship is the key, he says. I trust the man, whose profession it is to cut meat. Near his home is a butcher shop, and through conversations and interactions has made himself known to the shop. Maybe it’s because Nick is weird, but in Kevin’s film “The Forest” he says the line “1 pound of ground, makes 10 tacos”. It has not baring on the film, but Nick has been stuck on it. For Kevin, it seems like an easy way to calculate how much to thaw for a large gathering.

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