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Judging Canadian Whitetails with Steve Schultz

Judging Canadian Whitetails with Steve Schultz

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  /  Season 1 • Episode 9

Posted on November 14, 2018

Show Notes

This episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast is brought to you from the blind in wild North country of Manitoba, Canada. This is our third episode recorded from deer camp in the far North. Clay and Steve Schultz watch for whitetails on the fourth day of a six-day hunt, but discuss Steve’s hunting history and his quest for a 150-plus whitetail for the last 40 years. Steve is open about taking a buck on the first day of the hunt that he later regretted. He was willing to share what he learned about judging big Canadian whitetails as they discuss the hunt.

We are the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast, but you’ll be hearing a great diversity of content as Clay seeks to bring you along on all his hunting and introduce you to the people he loves to hunt with. Our goal is to bring as much “in the field” type content as possible. Be listening for the next episode where Clay talks about the big buck he would later kill on the sixth day of the hunt!

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