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Iowa  Great Lakes with Steve Weisman

Iowa Great Lakes with Steve Weisman

Iowa Sportsman  / 

Posted on May 10, 2019

Show Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with Steve Weisman about the resent Walleye Weekend held throughout the Iowa Great Lakes. Steve talks about the 37 year history of the event as well as the tournament results, including the biggest stringers for pan fish, bullheads, northerns and bass. They also discuss other activities that happen during the weekend and touch on activities like camping, hiking, and biking around the lakes.

Then, Steve shares some recent walleye gill netting results from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. This process is used to collect fish, extract the eggs from the females and fertilize them. Once the eggs are fertilized and the fish have hatched, they are released in different bodies of water throughout Iowa.

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