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Iconic Public Land Hunting Stories

Iconic Public Land Hunting Stories

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  /  Season 1 • Episode 11

Posted on November 29, 2018

Show Notes

This is a special episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast where host Clay Newcomb takes you to the campfire at his family’s annual public-land deer hunt in Southwest Arkansas. Around the fire are his kids, brothers, nephew, father and some family friends. You’ll hear some iconic stories of Gary Newcomb’s 40-year bowhunting career on public land in Arkansas. These are stories that impacted Clay as a young hunter and still hold the intrigue that family hunting stories do.

It’s a unique podcast because it’s being told an attentive audience of family and friends over the sound of a crackling fire. Clay also shares some of his most iconic hunts from his early years of bowhunting public land in Arkansas including some close calls with hogs on the ground, wrestling a deer, and chasing down a turkey on foot. You’ll really enjoy this podcast at the Newcomb’s family deer camp!

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