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Hunting Whitetails On The Ground With A Bow

Hunting Whitetails On The Ground With A Bow

Oklahoma Outdoors  / 

Posted on July 18, 2021

Show Notes

Josh Garroutte met Chancy Walters of Whitetail Adrenaline through bass fishing, and after hanging out with him and hearing the stories of chasing big whitetail bucks on the ground he decided to give it a shot himself. Over the last several seasons, Josh has had some exciting encounters of his own and taken some big whitetails in the process. This week Josh jumps on the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast and talks with John about the things he has learned that have led to his success in the field. He goes through the entire process from spotting a buck from the truck to making that final shot. The two even cover homemade decoys and how to keep your legs from falling asleep while you wait twenty yards from a trophy buck.

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