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Hunting Strategy with Rick Kohler

Hunting Strategy with Rick Kohler

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on August 07, 2019

Show Notes

Ricky isn't a well known guy on the hunting scene, but that's mostly because he likes to fly under the radar. He has a ton of hunting experience on both public and private and has a man cave full of mature bucks to show for it. Part of his strategy is to target multiple states and have a multi-year plan in place. This allows him to increase opportunity while not spreading himself too thin. The primary states he focuses on are Minnesota, which he can hunt every year, North Dakota and Iowa. Each of those states has a very different range of habitat types and hunter pressure. Ricky tries to get on a good buck in Minnesota as early as possible so he can focus valuable rut time for one of his other states.

Ricky is very calculated in his methods and strategies, but also has an open enough mind to work with whatever situation is presented. He hunts out of a tree stand, saddle, or on the ground. One of his detailed North Dakota hunts takes place in a tree in below zero temperatures. The next has him in a ghillie suit sneaking into 30 yards of a 170" buck. We talk about his thoughts on weather, moon phase, clothing, boots, scent control regimen, landowner permission strategy, and scouting strategy. This is definitely a podcast where you can pick up tidbits to apply to your own hunting methods.

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