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Hunting Pine Thickets, Clear Cuts & Alabama's Rut Timings

Hunting Pine Thickets, Clear Cuts & Alabama's Rut Timings

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on January 04, 2021

Show Notes

Thanks for tuning into the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. We've got a great episode this week. Our beloved co-host is TAGGED OUT in Alabama. Drew fills us in on the story and tactics that went into him filling his last buck tag. We're also joined by our buddy Jordan Pope, who also recently tagged out on public land in North Alabama, with two of his bucks being in a 3 day timespan. As always, when we share hunting stories, we're trying to dive a little deeper into the strategy of the hunt. Both Drew and Jordan's hunts, like so many of our past guests, were based around finding the thickest cover around. Specifically pine thickets & clear cuts. The more successful southern deer hunters we talk to, the more it drives home the point of big bucks staying in thick areas. While thick cover still comes into play during the rut, it can be hunted a little bit different. Jordan gives us some insight into how his setup changes around thick cover based on the time of the season and what point of the rut his area is in.

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