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Hunting In The Gila with Dan Porter

Hunting In The Gila with Dan Porter

Backcountry Rookies  / 

Posted on September 28, 2020

Show Notes

This week on the Stories From The Season Series Chad talks to Dan Porter. Chad and Dan have been good friends for the last couple of years now and were finally able to hunt together in the Gila National Forest, one of the premier units in New Mexico. Dan drew the tag and went out for two weeks to hunt elk. This is Dan's story of how his hunt went and it’s a great story. Dan also shares the story of his first elk hunt which is hilarious. Enjoy the show.

Stories From The Season was created as a way for us to let our friends share their hunting stories. I love to listen to great hunting stories to get an idea of the experience, but I think there is a lot of great opportunities to learn for other success or failure. When you hear a person talk about a stalk or how they achieved success, you can apply the same techniques to your hunting strategies. Enjoy the Series!

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