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Hunter Profile with Jesse Fadarishan

Hunter Profile with Jesse Fadarishan

Nine Finger Chronicles  / 

Posted on April 09, 2019

Show Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with Jesse Fadarishan of northeast Pennsylvania about his hunting lifestyle. Jesse starts the conversation by talking with Dan about growing up in a hunting family and explains that his dad was a run-n-gun bowhunter before it was even a thing. Although he was around hunting his whole live, because of state laws he wasn't able to hunt until he turned 12. Since then, he has experienced both failure and success that has molded him in to the hunter that he is today.

Jesse is also an experienced 3D Target shooter who feels that the time and energy he puts in to shooting 3D targets translates to success during the moment of truth in the field. Jesse then goes in to detail about why he highly recommends using a back tension release and preaches joining an archery club.

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