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Hunt Breakdown, New Tethrd Sticks, and Cell Cams

Hunt Breakdown, New Tethrd Sticks, and Cell Cams

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on September 29, 2020

Show Notes

This week's episode starts with a more detailed hunt breakdown from North Dakota. The group podcast and videos don't go into as fine of detail to the exact lay of the land, wind direction, and learnings about deer bedding in river bottoms as this description. Next, I give an overview of the new Tethrd One sticks, their design aspects and things I either like or don't like about them at this point.

The latter part of the podcast dives into how we're trying to stay on top of the transitioning patterns of the deer locally. The acorn crop has been very weak overall, which has shifted much of the diet to browse. We keep holding hope that there's still an oak to stumble across that actually dropping acorns and is a major draw, but in the meantime deer are still bedding and feeding in the areas we'd expect in the marshes. Cell cams, where legal, have started to become a bigger part of the game plan this year, from monitoring other hunter pressure to determining when some of these pattern shifts will occur throughout the year. I review models from Spypoint, Tactacam, and Exodus.

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