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How to Mentally Prepare for A Property Transformation

How to Mentally Prepare for A Property Transformation

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on July 05, 2021

Show Notes

This can easily be the largest hurdle for most landowners to overcome. How to do prepare best for a complete 180-degree change of a hunting property? Some of the major habitat changes such as a timber harvest, adding cattle to recreational property, edge feathering, and. many other very visual techniques. You have to mentally prepare for this!

With our own ongoing projects beginning we walk you through firsthand the ways that we have begun to accept the imminent changes to our property. The best way we found to prepare, is to have an end goal in mind for that specific acre being impacted. What is the desired future condition? What is the best and fastest practice to get me? Once you have these two questions answered, the only thing left to do is pull the trigger. The confusion, apprehensiveness, and uneasy feelings many people go through come from uncertainty from the value that practice brings to the overall goal. Once you know the value and best way to get there, its easier to prepare for a property overhaul.

Share this with someone who needs to make some big long-term decisions with their farm! Enjoy.Learn.Share. #ForLoveoftheLand

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