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How to Convert Cropland to Wildlife Habitat

How to Convert Cropland to Wildlife Habitat

Pennsylvania Woodsman  / 

Posted on May 05, 2022

Show Notes

What seems to be the norm under private land is that more acres mean better hunting. It cannot be ignored that whitetails (and other wildlife) have a home range much larger than the size of the average Northeast parcel. But often, landowners complain about their inability to hold wildlife on their small property for the wrong reasons - efficiency. On this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch dives into the controversial topic of Agriculture, CREP, and how they often do not correspond with quality wildlife habitat.

Many people are in the market to buy a chunk of land to call home and have quality hunting opportunity. Let’s make a case you are looking to purchase land in a mixed agricultural area. Now ask yourself which of these scenarios are better: 1) purchase the largest property you can afford but be forced to rent cropland to a local farmer or government CREP program due to financial reasons, or 2) purchase a smaller property that you’re able to implement what the property needs in order to be as efficient as possible for your goals? In most cases the latter may be a better solution for a person who wants to have a whitetail and wildlife paradise. You’d be amazed the potential of a small property with the correct practices implemented. There is no one size fits all policy for property improvements, but these practices may be something to consider implementing on your property.

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