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How Parker Killed His Third Alabama Buck of 2020

How Parker Killed His Third Alabama Buck of 2020

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on December 21, 2020

Show Notes

This week the guys are breaking down a couple of rut hunts that Parker had last week, resulting in filling his third buck tag for the season in Alabama. There were a lot of things that went into this hunt. 1) The grind. Perhaps one thing most people who kill a lot of public land bucks share in common is the desire to grind for as long as it takes. Go the extra mile, wake up 3 hours earlier, go places many are not willing to go, and do it for however long it takes. 2) Understanding thermals. As Parker talks about these hunts, he shares how much having a good understanding of thermals has contributed to his success more than almost anything. It's not hard to read buck sign and know what area to hunt. The hard part is knowing where to set up to get the opportunity to kill those bucks. Thermals can make or break you! 3) Hunting the area at the right time to have an encounter with a buck on your first sit... the rut! Mature bucks are in their most vulnerable state during the rut. If you have a spot you know holds big bucks, the rut is the best time to go after them.

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