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Hound Health and Performance with Dr. Allen Hallada

Hound Health and Performance with Dr. Allen Hallada

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on May 27, 2019

Show Notes

In this episode Chris and Steve join fellow houndsman Allen Hallada, DVM, to discuss a wide range of topics relative to maintaining top health and performance in working hounds. Dr. Hallada, affectionately known as Doc Holiday on hound-related online message forums, presents common sense answers to frequently-asked questions about hot topics in the realm of canine nutrition and wellness. Hallada fields the hosts’ questions about identification and treatment of tick-born diseases, internal and external parasites, hot-topic canine ailments such as hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia. He delves authoritatively into the murky waters of best practices for feeding our hounds, identifying the good and the not-so-good in the broad field of commercial diets for working dogs.

Hailing from the upper Midwest, Hallada began coon hunting with hounds as a young man and has continued to run hounds as he moved his practice, first to Idaho and ultimately to California where he now resides. Chris and Steve successfully coax down-to-earth answers to timely questions from one of the premier authorities on hound health and performance in the nation. Hailed as a highly-interesting and well-informed individual, Hallada doesn’t disappoint.

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