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Hound Dog Mayhem

Hound Dog Mayhem

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on November 09, 2019

Show Notes

Mayhem is the word of the day! On this Veteran’s Day 2019, Houndsman XP brings you a two part podcast. In the first part, Lauren endures an episode with three Marines as they discuss the upcoming Freedom Hunters/Houndsman XP Houndsman Adventure to take place on the Navajo Nation in January of 2020. In this crazy podcast Tanner Babb, Marine and Gold Star Family member gets introduced to the outfitter, Calvin Redhouse of Rez Hounds, also a Marine, that will be making the magic happen on the Navajo Nation. Lauren gets a lesson in equipment management and Chris gets a workout in the post production process. There is a lot of hound talk, story telling and information passed around.

In the second part, Chris catches up to Steve who got a pass from the retirement community to wander across the eastern United States. Chris finds Steve in his home state of West Virginia, hopped up on caffeine and pure adrenaline as he is cutting down the miles to be reunited with his Treeing Walker pup Cruise. From the road Steve and Chris discuss the Houndsman XP/Freedom Hunters project in depth. Also discussed is the news from Houndsman XP-Double U partnership and the unrelenting support of the listeners.

Basically uncut, because it couldn’t be, this is a raw and crazy episode that is pure Mayhem.

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