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Helping Missouri Vets Enjoy the Outdoors

Helping Missouri Vets Enjoy the Outdoors

Missouri Woods & Water  / 

Posted on June 01, 2020

Show Notes

Just after celebrating Memorial Day, we have Tony Larson with MO Vets Outdoors on. MO Vets Outdoors is a VFW program formed to help Missouri veterans get out and hunt, fish, and just experience the outdoors in ways they might not have the had the chance to before. They host different events like fishing tournaments, coyote hunts, goose hunts, and many others to help raise money to be able to take some lucky vets on different hunts and trips. Missouri is the first state to start a program like this through the VFW and they have already been able to host over 51 events and have taken about 151 vets out to date. The program is still in its infancy so they are off to a great start.

Tony also gets to talk about some of the awesome hunts and trips they have been able to take these Missouri vets on in the past year like turkey hunts, deer hunts, exotic sheep, and some things they are looking to do in the future. We even get him to talk about an awesome deer he harvested last year. Check out the MO Vets Outdoors page on Facebook to learn more about them and how you can help. They also have a raffle page for the organization where they raffle off cool items to help fund their events. Both pages are in the show links for ease or you can search those names on Facebook.

Enjoy the show and remember what these men and women sacrifice for our freedoms. They deserve our respect and admiration.

Show Links:

MO Vets Outdoors Main Facebook Page:

MO Vets Outdoors Razz Page:

MO Vets Outdoors (Events Group):

MO Vets Outdoors Instagram Page:

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