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Hello Again - Reintroduction

Hello Again - Reintroduction

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on March 04, 2019

Show Notes

Today Dustin and Nick reintroduce themselves to the new Sportsmen's Nation audience. The guys check on the vision, mission, and goals for the Huntavore podcast. Also they get into some current events and whats coming down the pipeline from Huntavore.

Show Notes

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- Reintroduction – sportsmans nation
- Huntavore – the locavore hunter
- Students approach
- Primary – trophy meal – secondary trophy meal
- Sportsmens nation
- Indoor shooting
- 1 shot vs 5 shot shooting league
- Small game – squirrel
- Jalapeno peppers – roasted garlic.

Be sure to check out the Hutavore Recipes on their blog on the Sportsmen's Nation

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