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Healing Power of The Outdoors with Tonsen Sportsman

Healing Power of The Outdoors with Tonsen Sportsman

Nine Finger Chronicles  / 

Posted on May 07, 2019

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles podcast Dan has an awesome conversation with Tonsen Sportsman about his experiences in the outdoors, specifically hunting. Tonsen explains his introduction in to hunting via waterfowl hunting with some of his good friends and fishing trips with his family as a kid. Then as time went on he eventually got his older brother in to hunting.

After a while Tonsen set hunting to the side to start a family as his brother continued to expand his personal hunting opportunities. Years went by and hunting was eventually off the radar as he went through a divorce. Then on the way home after a fishing tournament, Tonsen's brother was killed in a car accident. This devastated the family.

But, out of the darkness comes Tonsen's rebirth for his love of hunting. The following season he used his brothers hunting equipment to harvest his first deer and is not a deer hunting fanatic. Not only did he fall in love with hunting all over again, it has brought him closer to his father. This story is a perfect example of how the outdoors can help heal emotional pain and reduce stress. A must listen!

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