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Head2Head Fishing with Matt Tratz & Andy Cleveland

Head2Head Fishing with Matt Tratz & Andy Cleveland

Freshwater Bite  / 

Posted on March 03, 2021

Show Notes

March madness is coming up just around the corner. The upsets, overtimes and high pressure situations play out in the next few weeks. If you like this style of excitement and you like to watch competitive fishing, you MUST check out H2H Fishing (pronounced Head 2 Head Fishing). Matt Tratz and Andy Cleveland join Lee on the podcast today to talk about where the idea originated, the breakdown of the bracket style / fast pace tournament and how it will change the future of competitive angling for the future. H2H Fishing is a live stream fishing tournament featuring all of your walleye and bass pro’s you may recognize from other traditional big style tournaments. Matt and Andy breakdown what we need to know and how we can get involved ourselves through a membership style subscription which will allow everyday anglers access to learn from the pro’s, discounts on tackle and a chance to fish some local H2H tournaments ourselves. Enjoy!

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