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The Power of Native Plant Communities

The Power of Native Plant Communities

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on March 02, 2020

Show Notes

While in Nashville at the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention, we caught up with Pure Air Native’s Justin Adams. He took time to sit down and review the power of native plants on the landscape.

The last few weeks we’ve have talked with biologists about the requirements for wild turkeys across the country. Some of the key components consist of early successional habitat, insects, and hard mast. To have each of these components on your property at the right time of the year both turkeys to persist, you need to have native plants and then be managing these native plant communities. There are no substitutes or short cuts for top of the line habitat. By managing for diverse Native plant communities on both public and private land the land, soil, water, air, and wildlife quality will improve!

Take time to learn about native plants, the role they play and how to best eradicate non native plants! It’s like picking up trash, nonnative plants are liter compared to the plant world! Enjoy. Learn. Share!

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