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Grizzly Bear Investigations with Brian Sommers

Grizzly Bear Investigations with Brian Sommers

Transition Wild  / 

Posted on March 25, 2020

Show Notes

On today’s episode, I talk with Brian Sommers, a Montana Game Warden who specializes in criminal investigation and grizzly bear attack training. Brian has been working with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for over 35 years and has helped develop wildlife attack response guidelines for Montana FWP.

We discuss various topics all revolving around grizzly bear and black bear attacks in Montana, how officers conduct investigations and why they are important. We also talk about high risk encounters, how to be prepared for an encounter and what gear you should have when entering grizzly country. We then cover proper procedures for packing out meat and how to mitigate the chance of a grizzly attack after you put a deer or elk on the ground. To round out the podcast, Brian talks about grizzly bear management, quotas, and the future of grizzly bears in Montana.

For more information on Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, please visit

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