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Grillin and Chillin with Adam Golias

Grillin and Chillin with Adam Golias

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on February 18, 2019

Show Notes

Welcome to the Huntavore Podcast Ep 17 Chillin and Grillin The polar vortex has smacked Michigan with record lows. What better time to think summer and talk grilling. Adam Golias from Golias Grills joins us to talk all things grilling: History, Setups, techniques, and a recipe that would help any grill meister.

Instagram: Goliasgrills

  • Grilling Renaissance in America
  • Southern BBQ open pits, whole hogs, wood fuel
  • 1897 the briquette is invented (Ellesworth B. A. Zwoyer)
  • Kingsford (Henry Ford) created to use wood scrap and sawdust from Model T’s assembly)
  • Post WWII backyard barbecue suburbanites
  • Wood and charcoal
  • 1960’s Propane and Propane Accessories
  • 70s 80s 90s...not a whole log
  • 2000’s Grilling becomes popular once again (internet community)
  • Heat sources: Charcoal vs Gas
  • Gas:
    • Pro:Fast Heat, Large Cooking Surface
    • Con: Difficult Heat Control
  • Coal:
    • Pro: Long Duration of High Heat, Better Control
    • Con: Long Prep, Time, More Clean Up

Charcoal Types:

  • Briquette: Quicker, Easier, Additives added for ease and keeping it cheap
    Lump: a range of pieces, no additives, larger pieces make it easier for longer smoke/cooking

Meat Choices

  • Domestic: Beef, Poultry, Lamb, Pork
  • Differences in their butchery, prep and handling on grill
  • Wild Game: Venison, game birds, wild pork, bear, etc
  • Get To Know Your Grill and Know your Fuel
  • Practice with cheaper cuts to develop technique
  • Aspirations for use Caul Fat
  • Caul Fat: Lacy fat around the gut holding organs together

Adam’s Stinky Cheese Reduction:

  • START WHEN STEAKS ARE RESTING (5 minute sauce)
  • Blue Cheese (stronger the better)
  • Heavy Whipping Cream

Crumble the cheese and heat in a pan on medium. Pour on enough whipping cream to get a sauce consistency. stir until desired smoothness is achieved (best to have some cheese chunks left)

57:40 Emergency Alert! Consumers of Michigan had a Natural Gas Fire. All Residences using Natural Gas had to lower their thermostats to 65. What a Perfect Storm!

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