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Girl Carnivore, Kita Roberts

Girl Carnivore, Kita Roberts

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on January 12, 2020

Show Notes

Nick chats with Grill Blogger, and Meat Maven, Kita Roberts. Kita has been blogging since 2010 and has a library of recipes at her website, Girl Carnivore. Nick and Kita touch on a wide range of topics; from women on the grilling scene, grilling/smoking all winter long, a few mishaps, and a dive into how lamb and venison are similar yet unique. This chat with Kita, was exactly what the doctor ordered, an invitation to bring some char back in our lives. So light your coals, sit back, and enjoy.

Show Notes

Kita Roberts(@girlcarnivore on instagram) started out in the North East, but now found herself in Sunny Southern Cal. So while in the sun and surf she gives a few tips on winter grilling: prep your area, clear out the snow so you can work. Even in winter, your fire can still get out of control. DONT GRILL IN YOUR GARAGE! Times to light and get to temp take more time. Don’t leave unattended, layer up, get something to warm your insides(age restrictions may apply). Kita talks about a barrel type grill/smoker. Simple description is steel drum with the bottom removed, vents and access doors on the side, and either racks or rods on top. The rods support hooks which are used to hang meat instead of laying flat.

Nick and Kita chat lamb as well. Underused protein, maybe by stigma created long ago. Lamb is raised primarily on grass, making it different than most beef or pork. The different flavors associated with lamb and the lean qualities make it similar to venison, but Kita argues, nope, both are unique and have their own flavor. For her lamb, which i’d say can translate well into venison is a Morracan spice blend or something from North Africa where lamb is more plentiful.

Find Kita’s blog and recipes at:

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