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Gearhead Archery with Skip Peterson

Gearhead Archery with Skip Peterson

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on June 24, 2020

Show Notes

Today I have Skip Peterson on the podcast, the Director of Operations for Gearhead Archery. I wanted to get Skip on because I've had a fair number of questions and comments about Gearhead after buying one this spring. I've only of course had a decent amount of experience with the B24, but less so with all of their other models. And I can tell by certain conversations that when some people think of Gearhead their mind goes to some generalizations about the bows from back when they first came onto the scene, which might not necessarily apply to their current bows, like draw length ranges and extended releases.

Skip gives some background about how the company progressed from their original offerings into the current lineups, how someone would choose between a B series, T series, or Disrupter, and how he strongly believes that some of the technologies not only make the bows unique, but also impact how well they perform both in the woods and on the target line.

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