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Full Swing into Ice Fishing Season with Don Kelly

Full Swing into Ice Fishing Season with Don Kelly

Pennsylvania Woodsman  / 

Posted on January 27, 2022

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we shake things up with ice fishing fanatic, Don Kelly. Don is the owner of the Tackle Shack in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and the recent weather conditions have his business in full swing. Don shared that ice fishing is growing in popularity, but it takes the right gear to be successful. Fortunately, the Tackle Shack is a one-stop-shop to get out on the ice this winter.

One thing that can easily get over looked by outdoorsmen is the fact that ice fishing requires some safety gear and precautions. While breaking through ice may occur infrequently, accidents can happen and a lack of preparation could be costly. Don shares his thoughts on the tools of the trade to keep you safe, comfortable, and successful. We also talk a little about successful tactics as well as hot selling equipment for 2022. If you are a beginner, check out the upcoming ice fishing program that Don tag-teams with the PA Fish & Boat Commission!

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