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From the Feed Mill Floor the Kohser Legacy

From the Feed Mill Floor the Kohser Legacy

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on January 09, 2022

Show Notes

In this episode of the Houndsman XP Podcast, we pay tribute to two pioneers in the coonhound world. Chip Kosher Sr and Chip Jr. tell the story of how Joy dog food has been instrumental in the development of coonhunting as we know it today.

Chip Sr. was there when the idea of youth events was developed. Listeners will hear how the original concept of Super Stakes was developed and pushed forward. Chip tells the story of a late night meeting at the home of Jarvis Umphers and got the infamous “Truck Hunt” started.

Chip pays tribute to the late Jarvis Umphers. As a close personal friend Chip knew Jarvis on a level that only a select few did. There is a lot of emotion and admiration in the conversation as Chip remembers his friend Jarvis Umphers.

From the feed mill floor to paying for college tuitions to giving away new pick up trucks, the Kosher family has supported the lifestyle we all cherish so deeply.

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