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Freedom Is Not Free

Freedom Is Not Free

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on October 02, 2019

Show Notes

Chris travels to the White Mountains of Arizona to participate in a bear hunting adventure with the Sportsmen For Heroes (SFH) foundation. Professional outfitter and SFH founder Sonny Tapia specializes in hosting epic outdoor adventures for veterans.

In this episode, warriors Sargent Major Robert Glasses, US Army Special Forces (Retired) and Sargent Chris Davis, US Army 10th Mountain (Retired), share their insights about hunting, their impressions of hunting with hounds, and the battles of everyday life after war. Sargent Davis shares his very revealing impression of hound sports from the outside looking in. Sargent Major Glass, talks about the emotional impacts of war and his journey to return to hunting after war.

Listeners will feel the passion that drives an outfitter compelled to give something back to our nation’s warriors. Tapia’s emotional investment is revealed through his thoughts on his commitment to provide epic adventures to returning veterans. Recorded at bear camp, 9,500 feet into the White Mountains, group members share their insights on hunting, conservation of wildlife and the preservation of the hunting tradition. This episode enables Houndsman XP listeners to experience bold new heights in hound hunting on many levels.

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