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FOB Archery

FOB Archery

Transition Wild  / 

Posted on March 14, 2019

Show Notes

Today we are joined by Luke Hardin, Brinck Bowers and Dan Conner of FOB Archery. More likely than not, you’ve probably never heard of this company but they have come out with an innovative fletching design for bowhunters. One of the unique features about a FOB (Fletching Only Better) is how quick and easy they are to install without using glue or jigs. These innovative fletchings have an airfoil design that provides better arrow flight and broad head stabilization for longer shots in windy conditions. Another unique feature about a FOB is that it pops off during a pass through shot on so it can help aid in tracking and animal recovery by marking the point of impact.

We talk about certain limitations of using these fletchings such as not being compatible with cross bows or certain rests such as whisker biscuits. To wrap things up, we talk about how durable they are, how much they cost and their other product offerings.

GIVEAWAY ALERT!! Make sure to listen to the entire episode to learn how to enter to win a pack of FOBs from FOB Archery. We also reveal a discount code that is only available for a limited time.

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