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Fly Fishing With Family

Fly Fishing With Family

Missouri Woods & Water  / 

Posted on September 07, 2020

Show Notes

In today's show, Nate and Micah sit down with Nate's dad and uncle and talk about some fly fishing. Nate's dad Mike, and his Uncle Chuck talk about how each of them got into fly fishing and what they love about it. We also talk about some gear they like to use from rods and reels to fly types and tying.

Dad and Uncle Chuck also talk about some of their favorite places to fly fish in Missouri and other places as well. Fly fishing is something that my dad and uncle have been doing for years and they have a real passion for it. This is a fun episode just getting to listen to two men we respect and admire talk about something they love doing. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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