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Fishing North Dakota with Theo Toliver

Fishing North Dakota with Theo Toliver

Freshwater Bite  /  Season 1 • Episode 13

Posted on December 26, 2018

Show Notes

Growing up some of us have aspirations of maybe moving away from home for a while to explore new and exciting places to live. If someone were to ask you, what would be the first place you would say? I bet not to many folks would say North Dakota. Not that there is anything wrong with the state. It’s actually a outdoorsman's paradise. It has endless opportunities for those who wish to pursue amazing hunting and fishing opportunities. Meet today’s podcast guest, Theo Toliver, who found North Dakota to be his favorite place on earth and happily made it his forever home and place to live. Theo is quickly becoming one of North Dakota’s more prominent anglers.

Fish Addictions TV found Theo to be an important figure in the central plains area and asked him to join their growing staff this past year. Theo also continues to educate anglers on his YouTube channel and help others catch more fish. Lee talks with Theo from his early start into the sport of fishing, the industry and also tactics to help put more fish on the ice and in the boat this season.

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