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Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks

Ohio Huntsman  / 

Posted on April 06, 2021

Show Notes

This week on the show Jeff discusses his experiences with kayak fishing. We discuss different types of kayaks and the features each has that are good for fishing. Jeff talks about all the factors that went into his decision to purchase each of his kayaks and what features he wishes his kayak had, now that he has been put a few seasons in fishing from it. He also talks about how comfort plays a large role in being successful while fishing from a kayak, as there is much less room to adjust your position inside a small boat. Jeff also discusses how he manages his tackle box and other gear all while attempting to not lose anything into the water. Another consideration that needs to go into the decision to fish from a kayak is the boat traffic on the lake because motorized boats will create waves that can be difficult to navigate while fishing. If you have ever wondered what it is like to fish from a kayak or wanted to hear from someone who has experience doing it, this episode will answer most if not all your questions.

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