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Finding the Good in Hot, Dry Weather

Finding the Good in Hot, Dry Weather

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on July 20, 2020

Show Notes

How's the weather in your part of the world? It's the middle of the summer so most of us are experiencing the severity of summer heat. If the summer rains have missed you, you're probably looking at a drought. As a deer manager we've likely been told to hate droughts and that "wet weather means bigger, healthier deer." Although that statement may have some truth, the natural world doesn't revolve around just deer.

Finding the positive in the situation can not only help you appreciate the current situation but it can also help you understand how changing weather patterns can help certain plants and animals. One of the biggest topics covered in this podcast is the benefit of a dry nesting season for ground nesting birds like quail and turkeys. While a deer hunter may hate the heat, a quail manager will be relieved without the worry of flooding.

Finally, during a drought you can monitor food plot species and native species and observe which species thrives in the heat and which fails. With acres and acres of cool season non native grasses throughout the midwest it's easy to see how the heat takes the life out of many acres of the landscape. Take this time in the summer to look over your farm and find a void of productivity and work to improve it! Don't let the summer heat get you down, change your perspective and look to improve your natives! #ForLoveoftheLand

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