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Finding Pockets Of Deer

Finding Pockets Of Deer

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on December 06, 2020

Show Notes

There's an old phrase that hunters often use, "don't leave deer to find deer". That phrase holds true in today's podcast. Drew recaps his last two weeks of hunting, telling the stories of two different bucks he's killed since the last time we talked. We break down his hunt by talking about what led him to hunt that area. Not rubs, not scrapes, but good old fashioned deer tracks. The guys discuss the important of finding tracks and why it's an incredibly productive sign to look for. Drew tells us about this area where he had found a ton of tracks, and after hunting it several times the deer sightings did not seem to slow down. We've talked to several guests who consistently kill deer out of the same tree, which might go against the "first sit, best sit" theory. In this case, Drew continued to hunt this same spot and eventually it paid off. While the majority of this property has a pretty low deer density, this spot seemed to be a pocket. We've learned that once you've found a pocket of deer, you've found a great thing!

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