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Field to Fork with Josh Hillyard

Field to Fork with Josh Hillyard

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on November 03, 2019

Show Notes

Nick connects with the Great Lakes Director of QDMA, Josh Hillyard. Josh was instrumental in launching a program here in Michigan, that is catching on nationwide called Field to Fork. The goal of this program is; to get adults who have a desire to hunt yet lack guidance or knowhow, educated and connected with mentor hunters who can help in developing a lifelong pursuit.

Show Notes

Like most things surrounding food, I got really excited when I witnessed a presentation at the Michigan BHA rendezvous, and when sat in on one of the educational sessions Josh gave. With both Josh and I being adult onset hunters ourselves, this type of programming resonates with us.

Field to Fork can range in programming. What I saw was a day and a half in the “classroom”. Learning the hows and whys of conservation and how hunting plays into all that. Along with deer habitat and behavior to help the new hunter know what to look for. Then the next step is range time and getting acquainted with the mentor. That afternoon, hunter pairs (mentor and participant, head to their spot or stand for their hunt. THe next day is followed up with more hunts and if possible, a demonstration of deer quartering and butchering. Along with followup and mentor contacts, Field to Fork is setup to recruit hunters for a lifetime.

If you yourself want to make the leap into hunting whitetails or want to volunteer as a mentor hunter.

For More info on Field to Fork :

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