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Favorite Gear of 2019

Favorite Gear of 2019

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on January 07, 2020

Show Notes

In this podcast, I recap my hunts from this year along with specific gear highlights. First, there were certain pieces or gear or systems that really stood out and made a positive enough impact that they will surely continue to be a part of my system going forward into next year. Next, I discuss gear that I used where I had overall positive experiences with, along with some downsides or quirks that left some room for improvement.

To finish the discussion, I talk about gear that didn't play much of a role in my 2019 setup but I'm really excited about for 2020. It ranges from climbing methods to camera systems. And finally, I give some initial thoughts on what I'd be really interested to see out of ATA this year.

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