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Evaluating the Results of Prescribed Fire

Evaluating the Results of Prescribed Fire

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on May 18, 2020

Show Notes

If you haven't learned yet, we love prescribed fire for managing native plant communities. Fire has so many different elements that impact the result of applying fire to the landscape. It has its cautions, but so do running a chainsaw and applying an herbicide. Take the precautions and use this incredible tool!

After two different prescribed fires completed this year on the Prairie Hollow Property, there are several results to discuss. The later burn timing allowed us to specifically target and top kill multiflora rose and many other woodland shrubs such as spicebush. After opening up the canopy over the past few years through a timber harvest and TSI, the growth was impressive, so fire allowed us to reset this growth. It is critical as we discuss in the podcast to have sunlight reaching the ground if you want prescribed fire to produce quality results. If you want or need drastic results, you have to do drastic things!

We hope you enjoy learning about prescribed fire and how we use this natural and incredible tool to improve the landscape for wildife and plant communities.

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