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Edible Outdoors Cook with Jason Thornton

Edible Outdoors Cook with Jason Thornton

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on April 11, 2021

Show Notes

Jason Thornton hails for Lafayette, Louisiana. In his own words, the Bayou is a sportsman’s paradise. He chases just about everything down there; deer, hogs, turkey, small game, fish, and also tends an extensive garden. His harvest is pride of his, but his passion is presenting that harvest in a pleasing, creative way. Tossing a bird or rabbit into a crockpot with a can of cream of mushroom or wrapping large cuts in bacon isn’t a bad thing, but how often does that become the only way it's presented. Jason wants to elevate that dish that brings honor to that animal, but also use all of the animal that nothing goes to waste.

One way Jason elevates his dishes is with sauces and homemade condiments. Now we’ve heard it said “A good steak doesn’t need a sauce”. There is some truth to that, a properly seasoned, and cooked steak no matter the doneness, will be juicy enough. However, Jason would live to add a sauce of his foraged mushrooms, or a glaze made from his fruit marinade. Going beyond just steak topping, Jason loves to make his own condiments. Not just straight mustard and ketchup, but a Banana Pepper Mustard and Smoked Beet Ketchup. Jason also lays out how easy making a homemade mayonnaise can be.

Jason also finds enjoyment in not just holding onto his recipes, but sharing them with sportsmen who desire to get creative with their game. Here is a link to his website where you can find his recipes:

Wilde Spice Co.

Instagram: @wildespice


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